Relocating this blog to Tumblr

I have decided to relocate my blog to Tumblr, since I've started following so many people there, and feels a little counterproductive to keep using blogspot, even though I like it here....

So moving time peeps... Hope to see you there!



Interning at SEHSUCHT

It's been such a long time since I last posted here.

What a crazy year. My bachelor film is done, though not yet released (January 23rd, 2015).

I have had the most wonderful summer break, enjoying the sunshine and getting all that creative energy right back.
August came, and I moved to Berlin to start my internship with SEHSUCHT and I'm super excited an a very happy person right now :)

I've been thinking about blogging a little about all the little wonderful places I'm finding here in Berlin - tips and tricks for future interns maybe...

Hopefully I'll be able to share some of the projects I've started over the summer, in particular learning Cinema 4d which is really coming along.

Stay tuned...


Showreel update

I've had some time to devote to my showreel this past week during Spring Break.
Most of my stuff are still works in progress, but you can have a sneak peak here :)


Lorenzo's Car

 An update on some fun stuff :)
Lorenzo has a car - I did a really rough concept, modeled the car, then decided that I hadn't considered colours/shading properly and then did a paintover of my model.

I would like to stick to this as much as possible in the shading phase - really try and push the painterly feel. Let's see...


Akiko Fuji and the Science Patrol - ウルトラマン!

Over the holidays we have spend countless hours watching the original Ultraman (Hayata) form 1966! Entertainment indeed!

If you haven't stumbled upon this show yet, watch it! It is sooo much fun :)

Meet Fuji from the Science Patrol: